Creating an Ecobrick at home

Creating an Ecobrick at home

The first time I brushed past the idea of an eco-brick was while walking along a beach in Pondicherry . From afar it looked like an art installation and after closer inspection ,I remember being in awe of the concept as my sister explained what it really was to me. The Ecobrick movement has gained a surge in momentum in recent years ,especially in developing countries. Typically mixed with natural building methods such as cob, adobe, or wattle & daub, ecobricks provide an excellent structure to build with. They also act as a natural insulator due to the tightly-packed insulating plastics.

I made my first Ecobrick just a few days ago . First off, I ransacked my kitchen to find plastic wastes and packagings. With the Durga Puja going on, there were no shortage of wrappers and plastic packaging lying in my home.. Although , we refrain from using single use plastic bags in our home ,the plastic from packaging and deliveries alone adds up to a lot. I then took some old plastic bottles, cleaned the whole lot and dried them out under the sun . Its very important to make sure that the plastic going inside the bottle is completely moisture and dirt free so as to prevent any microbial growth. If not cleaned properly ,it can lead to the production of methane and subsequently the bulging of the bottle and in some rare cases ,popping off the bottle’s cap. I then took a stick with a blunt end and shoved the plastic in the bottle until it was completely tight and strong, and Voila ! ,just like that I had made an Ecobrick .I also had a thorough discussion about the idea with my friends and some of my family members , encouraging them to take up the same initiative.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

For inducing any great change or revolution , action regarding the same should start from our home. When we imbibe any principle or change in ourselves ,only then are we able to permeate it out to the world. Taking up any positive initiative ,no matter how small it is and practicing it diligently helps you not just to gratify yourself but also inspire others along the way.

The Ecobrick initiative is a great way to take strides towards a sustainable future ,one where we complement our environment instead of corroding it. Such practices when taken up at a community level help our ecosystem at large and builds up ecological prosperity.

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