History of Plastic Sample

5 students

The last century has been a time of unprecedented growth and prosperity. However these advancements have come at a price, including significant strain on the world’s biodiversity, natural environment and human health.
Plastic being a major catalyst in enabling our modern life, impacts of plastic mismanagement paint an unequivocally toxic picture. Ban of plastic carry bag raised another question on single use plastics such as packaging material of food or any other product. Some incinerate it in open environment whereas others throw it to be eaten by stray animals or this easily makes its way to rivers via drains to expand plastic island in ocean called “GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH (GPGP)”.

In this course we will learn about history of this miraculous material.



I am full time Volunteer working with youth and students to engage them with various environmental issues. My major subject is public perception and behavior towards waste management.