Container return scheme

New Zealand’s strategy to reduce Land fill.

New Zealand is addressing the issue of landfill caused by single use food and drink containers made of aluminium, glass and plastic. These end up in the rivers, streams and beaches blocking and contaminating them. The government of New Zealand came up with the idea of container return scheme which can benefit the environment as well as the people. Container return scheme is also practiced in other countries like USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

What is Container return scheme?

The consumer or the customer should give a deposit of certain amount of money which is included with the original price of purchase. When the customer returns the empty container he gets back the deposited money. The empty container should be returned to the designated pick up point. This type of scheme vitally pushes people to return the used empty container which improves the quantity of recycling. Reducing the amount of littering.

How does it work?

  1. Type of material of the container contains plastic, glass, aluminium and paper. These come under the scheme.
  2. According to the above the deposit will be set.
  3. The pick up point of the empty container should be easy to access and reach by the public.
  4. Someone with the interest of the environment as well as in the interest of public should govern the scheme.

Guiding principles

  • To make it easy for returning the containers in and all around New Zealand.
  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Improve quality and marketing of the recyclable products.
  • Create new opportunities for the employment, fund raise and community participation.

Groups involved in the project.

The project was proposed by Auckland and Marlborough. Scheme design was made by the industry of beverage and retail manufacturers and community representative. Technical advisor group which works to provide advice and review progress pf the project is made by financial, beverage industry expertise and product stewardship. The ministry provided the fund for the project by waste minimising fund.

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