We are excited to meet you on 17th April 2022 for

The Great Global Cleanup organised by Tarumitra Ashram

Earth day 2022

Invest in Our Planet


Guidelines for The Great Global Cleanup

Closer to the date check the weather and plan to dress appropriately.

Wear something you don’t mind getting dirty!

Advertise your cleanup to your organization, family, friends, and community members.

Gather supplies including trash grabbers, bags, gloves, hand sanitizer,face mask and first aid kit.

Collect all trash filled bags together to be sent to Plastic Recovery Facility in Gardanibagh.

Take pictures during your cleanup and post them on social media after tagging Earth Day and our partners @EarthDay (or @EarthDayNetwork on Facebook) @itsourturntolead on Facebook and Instagram We love to feature our volunteers!

Tag us in your posts  @EarthDayNetwork on Facebook @itsourturntolead on Facebook and Instagram

Take pictures during your cleanup and post them on social media

Use our hashtags to make a global impact :

#GreatGlobalCleanup, #TrashTag, or #Plogging #HC4CC #HabitChange4ClimateChange.

We love to feature our volunteers! on our social media and website.

Go cleanup and have fun!

Sunday, 17th April 2022

Why Participate in the Great Global Cleanup?

A partnership with The Great Global Cleanup means you will be involved year round in the work our organization does. You will have a platform when Earth Day comes around each April.

This will mean a partnership with our activities for World Cleanup Day and engagement with partners such as Let’s Do It World, National CleanUp Day

We are forming a coalition of like minded organizations and individuals committed to achieving our mutual goals of protecting our environment through community outreach and networking.

Individual or organizational efforts can be amplified on our website and social channels through storytelling, sharing media content and showcasing best practices and success stories.

Redesign your footprint!

Participate in survey on Public Plastic Perception

This survey is part of long term Action Plan being developed by Interns of Tarumitra Ashram from various colleges of Bihar.