Circular Economy

Circular economy solutions for plastics include: producing plastics from alternative non-fossil fuel feedstocks; using plastic wastes as a resource; redesigning plastic manufacturing processes and products to enhance longevity, reusability and waste prevention; collaboration between businesses and consumers to encourage recycling and increase the value of plastic products; encouraging sustainable business models which promote plastic products as services, and encourage sharing and leasing; developing robust information platforms to aid circular solutions; and adopting fiscal and regulatory measures to support the circular economy. Circular economy solutions will help in ‘closing the material loop’, that is to minimise waste and to keep materials in the economy and out of landfills and incinerators, but the circular economy will not completely solve the global plastic problem. An all-encompassing solution should seek to ‘slow the material loop’, that is to reduce demand and produce only essential plastic products, including through discouraging non-essential production and use of plastics, and promoting the use of renewable and recyclable alternatives to plastics.

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