A campaign to engage youth to make informed choice of habit & behavioural change to unleash a new movement of action that will seek to reduce plastic waste where it matters most : Drains, Rivers and Oceans.

Plastic being a major catalyser in enabling our modern life, impacts of plastic mismanagement paints an unequivocally toxic picture. One of the major threats to biodiversity is mismanagement of single use plastic(SUP). Our production and consumption of single-use plastics and our inability to manage plastic waste sustainably have led to a massive pollution problem. Marine litter and microplastics are flooding our oceans and are hurting marine ecosystems and human health on an unprecedented scale.

We need to grow if we have to go with plastic as packaging material. Realise our responsibility to segregate plastic waste at source to enable its way for Circular Economy and transform to a sustainable lifestyle.

Take Action


Individuals, activists, and organizers who share the vision of Patna free of plastic pollution.

Educational Institutions

Equip future citizens to make informed choice of our behavior & actions


Nonprofit, community, & related organizations that share the vision of Patna free of plastic pollution

Habits we must adapt as per plastic culture

Segregate & store all single use plastic in big carry bag or dedicated cloth bag.

Hand it separately to waste collector only on a particular day of week.

If you carry hand bag/backpack then add a set of cutlery such as spoon, saucer and straw to help reducing waste when you eat out at places who offer plastic cutlery.

Refuse to eat in single use cutlery at fast-food shops.