If you are from India you must have heard about the ‘ Bargad Ka Ped’. It is very common tree in the north and central India. It has a large number of species worldwide. But Ficus bengalsis is taken as the National Tree of India. It is the most common banyan tree in India.

It is considered sacred because of a reference in Bhagwat Gita. It is a symbol of eternal life because of its long life. It has seemingly ever expanding branches.

Since it has a very wide variety, lets talk about the national one. As stated above Ficus bengalensis. It has a very log lifespan and a very large canopy. If you have ever seen a banyan tree you can differentiate it from other trees by its iconic aerial roots which emerge from its branches which supports the large canopy. The trunk is not very thick but supports the tree at its beginning ages.

Some Special Facts.

Common Name : Banyan, Bargad.

Scientific Name : Ficus bengalensis.

Growth : Height = 30 – 50 ft. average.

: Diameter = ~ 4 – 7 ft.

Leaves : Banyan tree leaves are large, leathery, glossy green & elliptical in shape. Just like any other fig plant its leaves also has a drip tip (not very long)

Uses : Generally it is not used for firewood or furniture making. They are planted beside temples as they are symbol of eternity. According to Indian mythology newly married couple after bath prayed under a banyan tree for the long life of each other and their marriage life. They are also planted beside roads at regular intervals because their large canopy area provides shade and cool environment. They provides a place for resting of travelers.

बूढ़े बरगद की मिटटी सर धर ले | दिप्शक्ति की सौ सौ प्रणाम कर ले |

Some Special References

  • A banyan tree in Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal is 24 metres tall and covers a canopy area of 14500 sq. metres i.e. ~3.5 acres. It is believed to be planted before 1800 CE. It has over 2800 aerial roots which supports the large canopy.
  • The biggest living banyan tree is in Andhra Pradesh, India which covers an area more than 19000 sq. metres i.e. ~4.7 acres. It can shelter more than 20000 people at once.

Plant more trees, make this world green and clean

– Aayush Babu
Tarumitra club of Don Bosco Academy, Patna, Bihar.

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