Ban on plastic in my city – effects or consequences

We cannot not afford the total ban on plastic in today’s times where plastic has become a major part of our life. But if when I think of the scenario where the plastic gets banned in my city, i wonder about all the possible consequences we will face. Plastic bags offer the easiest way for printing the business logo, company name and other relevant information. Printing cost is very low compared to paper and cloth bags. The Plastic industry in the country employs about 40 lakh people which include more than 30,000 processing units. Around 85-90 percent of which are small and medium – sized enterprises. A ban on the plastics could easy affect industry, posing question on the trade and employment. Plastic bags are easy to open, pack and transport. That is the reason why they are used widely in logistic and retail industry. In contrast, reusable cloth bags consume more space and are quite heavy. These reasons make ban of plastic a difficult road to walk on.

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