An Ecobricking Community

As avid users of plastic, the responsibility of mindfully disposing it off lies in our hands. Debates on accountability of various waste management techniques have been on for years, and based on convenience, different people adopt different methods. The novel idea of using plastic bottles to store single-use plastic seemed intriguing, and I am more than glad to have adopted this wonderful practise in my daily life. On hearing and learning about eco bricking, it was only right to educate others too about the same. While most people did prefer it over their usual means, others decided to stick with the original. And I am still trying to convince them, and you too!

While the pandemic, leading to unforeseen circumstances, has put our usual routine to a standstill, it has provided us with a great deal of time to introspect. Bringing about positive changes and adopting great habits for the overall development of ourselves and others around us would definitely help us in the long run. As a community, we must be open to ideas towards the betterment of at least the area in which we reside: be it through astute reusing, conscious recycling, or clever management. Small conscious steps, like ecobricking, lead to a formation of a momentum we must avoid breaking. If nothing else, I hope I was able to put my persuasion skills to use for a good cause.

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