What we are doing now?

Ecological Leadership Development Program

On Saturday, February 6th  2021  we started Ecological Leadership Development Program to  build capacity of 41 interns from various colleges in Bihar.

A knowledge based informed choice program focused on Knowledge Expansion, Capacity Building, Change in Attitudes, Behavior and Habit towards impact of plastic mismanagement.

These interns are being equipped to :


These interns are being equipped to :

Understand how plastic is threatening life in ocean and on land.

Take action to channelise plastic waste in circular economy.

Understand how communities around globe are tackling the issue.

Make informed choice of their actions behavior and attitude to accomplish SDG set by UN.

To inspired encourage their family, friends, schoolmates and community to reduce their single use plastic footprint.

Generate Ideas to overcome the bottleneck for implementation of robust ideas in coordination with policies on plastic waste.

Develop an action plan with timeline and take lead on wide scale to create lasting change in their communities related to the use of single use plastic, marine litter and micro plastics.

Meet policy makers and implementing channels/departments of state and central government and share their recommendation.

Earth Day Celebration 2021

Donated 1150KG of single use plastic to Plastic Recovery facility in Patna

In last 3 years Tarumitra members have prevented nearly 1150 kilograms of plastic waste entering our environment. This number may sound little less than a grain of sand when we see the scale of problem i.e 8 million tonne of plastic entering the ocean every year, however out little efforts are expanding in various cities of India and we are determined to turn the tide right way.

Online Ecological Summer Camp

As the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic have relaxed, many people are finding themselves lamenting the missed opportunities to learn something new or accomplish something great during the stay-at-home orders.

Online Summer camp provided opportunity to interact and with young minds. Learn their concerns & ideas for environment conservation.

In a week long, daily hourly meetings

Tarumitra Covid Response

Interns at Tarumitra raised concern over COVID contamination waste being generated

Ecological Holika Dahan


Ecological Holika Dahan


St. Xavier's Internship