TaruMitra India -World Environment Day Celebration 2017

As Patna is developing infrastructure rapidly, Every corner is being converted into free flow flyover, and Patna capital of Bihar is working day and night. I appreciate this side of coin and concerned about the other side, Flyover is necessity of the time. However Parking Lots  are being developed at the cost of chopping the remaining green belt on Boring Canal Road for homeowners who have rented out their own parking areas to shops. Before we start copying from west we must divert our interest from what are we giving our children today – to what are we steeling from their future, We inherited Dudhiya Malda mango Orchid  in Patna and what are we leaving for our children? A concrete Jungle! where 35° C  feels like 45° C.

At TaruMitra- friends of tree, the students forum for environment, students have been concerned about deforestation due to development plans. Students of St.Xaviers College decided to meet at P&M Mall at 16:30 hours and discuss prospect effects of deforestation on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Your presence will be highly appreciated.

Here I am sharing glimpse of the preparation for the meeting.
Thank you

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