Say “No” to Trash Bags

Plastic creates pollution, Imagine a community with 1000 families disposing  1000 trash bags everyday i.e., 30,000 trash bags/ month

Imagine city level disposing trash bags. Remeber, soiled bags can’t be recycled

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Plastic Tar Road

Low micron plastic should be considered raw material for road construction and save up to 10% of bitumen for stronger and durable road pavement as per D. R Vasudevan Dean of Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai’s invention and best reusable idea of carry bags and plastic packagings

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Electricity Generation from Biogas

Bio gas power generation plant of 100 KWh capacity would consume 3 Tons of organic waste per day. Slurry can be provided to farmers via Blocks and other NGO facilitating farmers.

Economically electricity from bio-gas must compete with electricity generation from fossil fuels and other renewable energies

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Patna generates approximately 20,000 tons of solid waste every day. Only 5% of waste is processed scientifically and the remaining 95% is dumped in open landfills, polluting the environment. Patna is facing sharp contrast between the growing urban population and available services, particularly in solid waste management (SWM). While smog, air pollution, water quality get their share attention, one pollution source that is largely ignored is solid waste.

Footprint focuses on (SWM) sector with an aim to maintain the 3 ‘R’ of waste management hierarchy i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle which helps in reduction of greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint.


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