Affects our health
Like lung diseases, Heart problems, skin irritation, problem or abnormality in breathing and more.

Affects our coastal and marine environment
Hazardous waste, if dumped into the environment, leeches into the ground – and the ground water. The ground water is used for lots of things you may not realize, like watering the local fields, which grow the food people eat. And worst part is most communities get their drinking water from down there, too. Like in marine environment improper waste disposal can affect too like floating of contaminated killed fish in the sea and due to excessive excretion of the sea can be infested by mosquitoes that may scattered to numerous diseases in humans and can cause death of hundreds of people living near it like Manila bay.

Affects our climate
As some waste decomposes, it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Like trapping of heat on earth that may effect of abnormality of weather condition like more storm or typhoon coming per year is happening until now. The earth is suffering it already.

The open burning of waste causes air pollution or greenhouse effect. For example burning of rubber and plastic.

Landfill gas (which is produced by the decomposition of wastes) which can be explosive and may harm people around on it if it is allowed to accumulate in confined spaces (such as the cellars of buildings).

Methane gas (one of the main components of landfill gas) is much more effective than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, leading to climate change that may effect of destruction of atmosphere of the earth or abnormality of weather condition.

Fires on disposal sites can cause major air pollution, causing illness like cancer and reducing visibility or may lead in eye irritating thus making disposal sites dangerously unstable. May cause explosions of cans, and possibly spreading to adjacent properties.

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