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Patna being capital city has emerged as hubs of education and job opportunities, there will always be a natural influx of people towards Patna, the state over. This spiraling population growth places a huge strain on the infrastructure and basic services such as water, traffic etc. Now the disposal of the enormous amounts of garbage generated has also become an equally big challenge. If we are to deal with this challenge effectively, it is crucial that every waste generating entity whether it be house, school, mall or office has to become waste wise.

Our mission is to spread awareness about Swachh Bharat Mission at grass root level, i.e. Educational Institutions, Workplaces, Door to Door, Market places, Public Transport places, Tourist Spots around the city and villages.

It is important to educate society about litter we manufacture every day, the way we leave them unattended without concern over its future effects. It sounds like we love the smell of litter spread on roadside, or say we want to be the last surviving generation of human being.

It’s already late however we must watch ourselves in mirror and understand “What kind of future are we developing for our grandchildren’s”. Consumption of natural resources at the rate we are consuming today will exhaust them in say next 140 years.  Litter footprints of 1 million people in suburbs has crossed 650 Square Kilometres. We are in era of global warming, climate change and its important to update our habit as per demand.

Our Vision is a society where we can breathe healthy, where surrounding have a view of tree and fresh air. Encourage citizens of societies to join hands and compete for lowest carbon emission certificate for cities we live in.

Our Objectives are step by step education of Waste Management, Traffic Awareness, Social Responsibility, discuss endless possibilities of habit change and their robust impacts on society.Encourage big business owners, organizations and government agencies to join hands to develop at least one Recycling Unit in every city under PPP mode where in Publics responsibility will be to segregate the waste and dispose it correctly so it can be ready material for Recycling Units.

We encourage you to join hands with us and support us for this initiative step toward breathable future.


We have an old story where Lordess   Kali fights Asura Raktbeej and condition was “every drop of Raktbeej’s  blood will give birth to another Asura ready to fight”.

Next Steps…

With this story in our notion we are motivated to join hands with every individual to roar out loud “I Pledge! It’s our turn to lead”.


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Waste Segregation Is Easy.

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